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Covid-19 District-Wide Global Grant FAQs     Deadline Tuesday May 12th 
 Why is this such a unique opportunity?

Global Grants are seldom done in the United States since we are often the donors for international projects. Normally if we were to do a project in the USA, we would have to have 30% of the budget funds come from outside our country. This requirement has been relaxed. We will have an international partner but they will not have to donate a large amount of money.

What is different about this situation?

The Rotary Foundation has relaxed many of their requirements in order to help mobilize Rotarians to be able to respond to this global pandemic. Besides the international partner funding, the requirement for sustainability has been relaxed due to the dramatic needs in needing equipment and supplies to fight the Covid-19 battle.

How do we find out what is needed?

Ask your community leaders of your hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes and first responders what they need for their communities that is related to Covid-19. They will need to supply a letter that explains the need to purchase the equipment or supplies. They also have to confirm that the organization has the trained people to use that equipment. Lastly they will need to provide a pro forma invoice to show how much it will cost and where it will be sourced.

How big of a project can we do in our community?

It depends on what the other clubs in the district submit. At this point we have set aside up to $50,000 of our District Designated Funds (DDF) for this grant for our district’s matching portion.

If my club wants to propose something to be supported, how much money does our club have to come up with

It generally comes out to 29% of the funds needed. For a $10,000 piece of equipment you would have to have donations of $2900. There may be exceptions if some donors donate money that is not for a specific project. These funds could possibly be available to help your project. Right now we are expecting to use any non-designated donations to buy food for our NH and VT food banks.

When do we have to turn in our part of the grant funds?

Once the whole grant is turned in and approved, our district and all the donors will be notified. At that point we will all have to send in our donations to the Rotary Foundation. Once all the funds are in, the Foundation will disperse the funds to our district and we will then disperse it to the recipients.

What requirements do we have to document the spending of the funds?

Each portion of the project will need to have a report done on how the funds were spent in accordance with the original application. This report will be combined with the others to submit our final report to the Rotary Foundation.  This is critical for any future grant funding.

Can we get “credit” for funds we have already donated?

No. The Foundation does not allow funds already expended or projects already funded to count towards this new grant.

Why is the time frame so short?

We want to put this grant together quickly to address the Covid-19 needs of our communities as soon as possible.

Does each club/community have to source PPE separately?

It may make sense for projects that are focused on similar items like PPE to source it together. We will try to help by combining that portion of the grant where it seems expedient to do so. Tony Gilmore will be the main coordinator.

Who is coordinating this effort? 

Tony Gilmore is taking the lead with Jim Rumrill chairing the VT portion. The advisory team includes Governor-Elect Steve Puderbaugh, District Treasurer Randell Barclay, District Rotary Foundation Chair Rick Manganello and Tristam Johnson who is part of the RI Cadre of Technical Advisors.

How will donations addressing food insecurity issues be handled?

Our preference is to handle donations for food by using the money to buy food for the NH and VT food banks and letting them disperse it to the local food banks that have the most need. They have a system in place to handle it well. That said, we are not prohibiting clubs from supporting their local food banks directly. We just feel it is more efficient going the state food bank route.

What requirements are there for the breakdown of the expenditures for the Global Grant?

The requirements for this grant are that a minimum of 50% must go to Covid-19 medically related equipment, supplies and/or personal protective equipment (PPE); the balance may be made up of a  variety of humanitarian Covid-19 needs such as food banks.
If my club gets involved in this Global Grant, will it affect our application for a District Grant project?
How do we handle grant funds?
We are working on confirmation on this one. We believe that the clubs will not directly handle the funds. This is ideal so clubs don’t have to set up separate bank accounts and all of that. Once the grant is approved the funds will come to our district grant account. Our District Treasurer Randell Barclay will cut the checks to the vendors who will be supplying equipment or food as per the grant application and pro forma invoices. Once he has the required additional signatories on the checks he will get them to the vendors. The clubs may want to deliver checks but that is challenging these days.
When we complete the certificate of need and Pro-forma invoice(s) for our club what next?
You will email that information along with your club's pledge to support those purchases (29% of the total cost) to: in New Hampshire -Tony Gilmore (; in Vermont - Jim Rumrill (
When the grant is approved and not until then, All checks in support of this grant to the Foundation should have GG2013174 in the memo line for proper allocation.