Update on Global Grant for CoVid-19 Recovery
Hello All District 7870 Members,
The District Governor Track would like to give you an update on how successful our request for clubs to submit a Global Grant Request appears to be shaping up.  We are having a truly great response from our District Clubs to this project.  We are on track to be presenting a very large Global Grant for use in our own communities.  The work and concepts that your Clubs have undertaken in the past weeks has been amazing, and we applaud the efforts undertaken to measure community needs and develop plans to address those needs in such a short period of time.  We think it is very important to thank you for your truly Rotarian effort. 
We have seen and heard of numerous inventive and meaningful concepts for COVID community improvements.  We will be compiling these and will want to track their use and success. The success of our efforts is phenomenal but please understand that there is a limit on matching funding (DDF)at the District Level that will be available.  Be assured that as a result of your hard work and outstanding ideas and creativity District 7870 will take every step possible to think of creative ways to fund these needs to the largest extent possible. Once we understand the values of the submitted applications we can better determine where we stand. Of course, the applications must be reviewed and approved.   If we are unable to obtain the 3.5 times Rotary magic match for all worthy applications due to the limitations of funding availability, we will do everything possible to search for creative ways to provide supplemental funding matches. In the worst case scenario, some of the donations will only be able to be matched at 1.5 instead of the 3.5 multiple. 
It would be extremely helpful to have as many of the grant applications submitted as soon as possible to help us measure the District needs.  Please forward whatever you have confirmed with a summary of potential others inquiries you are considering and may be currently outstanding.
Thank You All For Your Efforts,
Nancy Russell DG
Steve Puderbaugh DGE
John Siemienowicz DGN
Randell Barclay  DGND