PDG Tony Gilmore
Good news.
Our three Covid19 global grants have been submitted to Rotary. Now it is a waiting game. Until World matching funds are available on July 1st, no grant will be accepted. There is a backlog of other Rotary global grants waiting for approval at RI. If our grants are accepted, we will be notified. At that time I will send instructions to each club who has pledged where and how to fulfill their pledges. No grant will be funded by Rotary until it is 100% of pledged money is received.
Once each grant is accepted and fully funded, Rotary will send the district a check, a period that takes 5 to 7 business days. During that time, we will verify information of all vendors to receive checks. Clubs are responsible for ensuring that grant proceeds are expended properly and will be required to sign a checklist so stating. It is critical that all clubs adhere to these instructions as future district grants will not be accepted by Rotary until these conditions are met.
Anticipated timeline in a perfect world:
  • About mid-July, grants accepted - collection of pledges begins (hopefully completed in two weeks)
  • About August 1st. Rotary to send district check(s) (remember there are three grants)
  • Perhaps second week in August, checks, and checklists sent to vendors and clubs
  • Balance of August and September signed club checklists due September 30 grant end date