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  • Pre-PETS Zoom Meeting Agenda

    February 18, 2020 6 pm


    6:00 pm           Welcome, Rotary Theme, Vision                            DGE Steve Puderbaugh

    6:15 pm           Being presidential, Leading your Club                    DGN John Siemienowicz

    6:30 pm           Membership Recruitment and Retention                Carolyn Johnson                                                                                                               Zone Membership Coordinator

    6:45 pm           Rotary Rocks Membership Contest                         DGE Steve

    6:50 pm           Rotary Foundation/Global and District grants        DRFC Rick Manganello

    7:05 pm           New Generations                                                    DGND Randell Barclay

    7:15 pm           Directory, Guidebook                                              DGN John

    7:20 pm           Strategic Planning/Goals, Club Citation,                   DGE Steve                                                                                                                        

                Friendship Exchange, other programs     

                District Conference, Honolulu.  

                             Gear up for PETS!                                

    7:45 pm          Thanks to all! We will stay online to answer questions but understand if you need   

                              to sign off.

    Pre-PETS Make-up Meeting Online Using Zoom Conferencing
  • Hosted By John Siemienowicz DGN
  • Discussion Leader Steve Puderbaugh DGE
  • Note: You can join by telephone or via your computer.   For best results, please get familiar with your computer’s camera and microphone before logging into the conference.  If however your are having trouble hearing the audio portion of the Zoom Conference, you can also call in using your phone for audio and your computer screen for the presentation.  It will work best if you leave your microphone muted unless you have a question or are engaged in the discussion.

Feb 18th, 2020 
6:00PM - 8:00PM