Three members of District 7870 Youth Exchange committee recently attended a meeting of Eastern States Student Exchange  (ESSEX) in Greensboro, NC.  ESSEX is consortium comprised of 35 districts from Canada to Georgia and Bermuda that facilitates the exchange program and process for member districts.  The semi-annual meetings are an opportunity for attendees to learn about and discuss ideas, changes and advances in the exchange process.  
The group heard from two university admission officers about the value of youth exchange for college acceptance, learning information that could be helpful in promoting the program in high schools.  Members also shared information from the 2-day Youth Exchange Pre-convention held in Toronto last June.  A highlight of the meeting was speaker Linda Low, a peace scholar attending the Rotary Peace Center at Duke University.  “Travel is one of the best ways to learn important life lessons of empathy and understanding,” according to Low, and is what makes youth exchange so valuable in creating peace in the world. 
Photo from L to R: Kathie Stone, Jim Rumrill, Julie Rowland